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Fic recs: SG-1

previous update: April 12th, 2009
last update: November 10th 2009
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Recs alphabetically by author.

Fic recs: SG-1

Anna S. (eliade)

The other half' (34,000 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
This fic starts off calmly when the negotiations with a certain race of aliens don't go as SG-1 had hoped for, with the usual disagreeing on how to deal with this between Jack and Daniel and then the gift they get from an alien boy turns out to be something of a nuisance.
Somewhere along the line we as readers, along with Jack and later Daniel, start to realize what the gift is about, and how it's affecting their relation and soon we're in some tale of 'Everything you always wanted to ask about a master/servant relation, but were afraid to ask'. The story switches between hilarious (with some great one-liners, and highly amusing situations), wonderfully insightful observations (of the 'Fuck yeah, that is so true!' variety) and seriously hot sex.
A fic I've already read multiple times, and will sure read some more.


'Small tents' (2,800 words, Jack/Daniel, R)
Jack trying to act practical and nonchalant about the unintentional snuggling habits in his sleep, and Daniel being sweetly manipulative. A warm and satisfying story.


'Eyefuck' (750 words, Daniel/Paul Davis, PG)
Short but effective. And don't let the rating fool you, because flirting Daniel is smoking hot.


'Five ways Daniel improves Atlantis' (1,400 words, Jack/Daniel and John/Rodney, PG)
A ficlet that made me snigger, warmed my heart and made me happy happy.

[info - personal]green_grrl

*) 'Within arm's reach' (Daniel/Jack, 5,361 words, NC-17, warning for tentacle sex)
In true SG-1 style something outrageous happens but the way Daniel and Jack react it's so easy to take the events the way they are. I love their voices in this, the deep affection, the revelation and how things move on from there. It's a fun and amazingly tender fic that made me snort and giggle, it moved me and I found it wildly arousing.


'On a mission' (2,600 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
After reminding Jack of their 'no sex on a mission' rule, Daniel proceeds to drive Jack crazy by just doing what he usually does. Needless to say the rule gets broken pretty thoroughly.


'Pale shelter' (1,600 words, Sabrina/Daniel, NC-17)
Sabrina being Catherine Langford's niece whom Daniel meets at Catherine's funeral. Bittersweet, warm and sensual. I really wanted someone for Daniel to connect with, if even for once in a while. It's more than just sex, even if it's not enough.

Untitled ficlet (690 words, Daniel/Jack, R)
I love myself some domestic Daniel and Jack, comfortable in bed together, talking, snuggling, and slowly working up to more.

Kalimyre (kalimyre)

'Pavlov' (29,900 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
A deliciously long 'Aliens made them do it' fic. Where Jack and Daniel are concerned, I loved the banter, the competitiveness and the underlying concern for each other. What Kalimyre's writing in general is concerned I loved the way she takes her time telling the story, but manages to keep it snappy and fresh all the way (not a boring moment) and the sense of humor.

'Perspicacity' (40,000 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
A moving and insightful (long) fic. She makes it so easy to crawl inside their skin, to feel along with them, to feel involved.

'Scrabble' (2,900 words, Jack/Daniel, PG)
A funny fic in which Jack and Daniel play strip Scrabble.

'Beguile' (2,700 words, Jack/Daniel, R)
Jack is so cute when he's trying not to be petulant.

keiko (keiko_kirin)

'Four fours' (4,100 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
Nice introduction to Daniel and Jack. Oh god, and I just love it when guys dare each other, and take that to bed.

'Orders' (2,300 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
It's never completely clear who's in charge when it comes to Daniel and Jack. It's part of the attraction.

'Arising' (2,100 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
Ah, this includes another kink of mine; a sweetly soft cock. It doesn't stay that way though, rest assured, but I do love it when it's described the way it is here.

'The steak series' (141,800 words, completed series, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
This is a delightfully long and completed series, in which she writes about the initial attraction. The flirting. The excitement of that. The first steps. The things that go wrong, but then they work out again. Their slowly growing bond. And lots and lots of sex. One of the best things about this series is that it's so realistic, the way their relation develops, the dialog, the thoughts they have. Even the angst: God, there are tears and I believed in them. I really love Keiko's men.

'Understood' (6,000 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
She calls 'Understood' a PWP, but imho it has a fresh way of working with an old plot, lovely characterizations (also of the 'supporting roles', especially a touching Teal'c), and Jack-style sense of humor. And the sex is of the breathtaking, toe-curling kind.


'Scorched' (4,500 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
A passionate story, with harsh, angry and claiming, almost desperate sex as a way to deal with the fear of losing the other, and being responsible for it.


'Peachy' (1,600 words, SGA/SG-1 crossover, Daniel/Rodney, R)
Future-fic. Mirabile takes melancholy and makes it sweet. It's a bit of a 'if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with' fic, in which this actually works out peachy.


'For the man who has everything' (4,900 words, Daniel/Jack, established relation, NC-17)
This fic deals with all kinds of voyeurism; Daniel watching porn, Jack watching Daniel, Daniel trying to figure out what kind of porn Jack would like, Daniel observing Jack watch what he offers. And then there are more surprising layers of voyeurism.
A warm and erotic fic.


*) 'Audacity' (Daniel/Jack/Sam and variations thereof, 3,500 words, NC-17)
I love how they all clearly know each other so well, how comfortable and confident they are around each other and how they enjoy giving but also taking. I love threesomes (especially m/m/f) but not so much when it gets too acrobatic so to speak, and the way they're doing it here it's so relaxed and lovely and they take their time. It's uncomplicated both physically and emotionally. No drama and so much warmth and love and nice dash of humor.


'Burn all the letters' (2,000 words, SG-1/SGA crossover, Jack O'Neill/John Sheppard, NC-17)
Incredibly hot sex from start to finish, with some warm moments of careful connection. One to end with a happily contented sigh.


'When love and need are one' (4,500 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
Jack takes Daniel home, because Jack takes care of his team, and Daniel needs caring. What they are to each other is friends and family and it goes deep. They can give and take comfort, as much as they need, without guilt, with hugs and cuddles that slowly, naturally change into something more, lovely kissing and satisfying sex.

'Avalanche' (5,400 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
A warm and satisfying story, with a specifically caring and quietly longing Daniel, who tries to be happy with what he can get, and then gets more than he dared hope for.

'Maybe it was Memphis' (74,000 words, AU, Daniel/Jack, NC-17)
This is an AU where Jack is a pilot, Daniel works at a university and they meet in a Jazz-club. There's instant mutual attraction, a one night stand turns into a weekend spent together, turns slowly into more. I love the pace of this series, the way it makes me feel what they're feeling, the anticipation, the sizzling hot sex and the romance.

'A walk in the snow' (8,000 words, Daniel/Jack, NC-17)
A warm, warm story. It's like watching Daniel through Jack's eyes; indulgent, amused, understanding and with more patience than a casual observer would guess Jack can muster. Daniel, with his tendency to over-think, his need to speak his mind. Two warm men in a leisurely paced fic and sex to go with that.

'That's a wrap' (1/2) (7,400 words, AU, Daniel/Jack, NC-17)
Jack’s the veteran sportscaster, Daniel the new pretty face on the news desk.
Only, Daniel is more than just a pretty face of course, as Jack is quick to notice. I love the accidental flirting, the sweet awkwardness, Jack's patience, Daniel carefully starting to flirt with intend and how things unfold.

'That's a wrap' (2/2) (4,300 words, AU, Daniel/Jack, NC-17)
This is sort of a sequel to 'That's a wrap'. The one where we find out why Daniel was so careful at first, Jack can't believe his luck and both take their time exploring the joys of gay sex. Incredibly sensual.

'At least consider our romance' (20,300 words, Daniel/Janet, Daniel/Jack, Jack/Janet, Daniel/Jack/Janet, NC-17)
Some alien devise makes Daniel and Janet Frasier do it and Jack is near enough to know what's going on. The experience is infuriating, tense and awkward, but it's not traumatizing and that could have been that if it hadn't stirred up some old and current relationships that were not supposed to be revealed to all three of them.
Everything gets worked out beautifully and very satisfying. What I love most about this fic is the characterizations and the voices. These three people I love so much, each with their own strenghts and weaknesses, who fit together like pieces of a puzzle. It's all about trust, a deep mutual respect and love. And lust.

'In the beginning' (840 words, Daniel/Jack, PG)
Episode tag for the SG-1 pilot "Children of the Gods". For some it may be difficult, even distressing to see Daniel and Jack hook up so early after Sha're has been taken by the Gou'ald. For me however this fic is incredibly moving because the way it's written it doesn't feel like partner betrayal, but like two pained men seeking and finding a moment of comfort with a soulmate.

*) 'The Inside Man and the Outside Man' (4,000 words, AU, Daniel/Jack, NC-17)
This is establish relationship Daniel and Jack, set in a universe inspired by movies like 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid', 'The Sting', and 'The Color of Money'. I love them being comfortable together but also still fascinated with each other. It's that special sparkle that does it for me. And the sex of course.

*) 'A natural pair' (9,100 words, AU, Daniel/Jack, NC-17)
A prequel to 'The Inside Man and the Outside Man' in which we see how they meet each other, are immediately drawn to each other, there's flirting, and sex, and kissing and it looks like they've found something special.


'Unacknowledged legislators' (21,800 words, Jack/Daniel, NC-17)
A wonderfully thorough story, that unfolds carefully, with lots of lovely original details, like an original (alien) character that really worked for me. It's this Rolf who helps Jack acknowledge his feelings for Daniel, and makes him realize what he'll risk by not telling Daniel.


'Putting Your Body (wherever it seemed like a good idea)' (730 words, SG-1/SGA crossover, Jack O'Neill/John Sheppard, NC-17)
John could use some sex and Jack is available, attractive, willing and convenient. He comes with baggage though. A hot fic with a bite.


'Downhill from here' (1,000 words, Daniel/Jack, NC-17)
Daniel and Jack over the years. Their relationship, what they've been through, together and individually, how they've grown and changed. All written in a crisp, down to earth, realistic style that's somehow more romantic to me than anything that's meant to be romantic.

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Thanks for the rec! And for the fact that I found some stories I haven't read.
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